Minnetonka Research

What is Minnetonka Research?

A dedicated research experience for highly advanced high school students interested in authentic research.

The program will provide students the opportunity to pursue authentic research driven by their own questions and interests. It will connect students with leaders in academia and industry to inspire and guide them as they develop 21st Century Skills (communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration). In doing so, Minnetonka Research will prepare students for full engagement in college courses and leading-edge careers in fields of inquiry.

A One-of-a-Kind Opportunity

This on-site lab opportunity, unique to any area high school, connects accelerated students with industry partners and Ph.D. level mentors with expertise in the student’s area of research during the school year.

Through the Minnetonka Research program, students will have the opportunity to ask questions that matter to them. They will collaborate with industry partners and connect with university mentors. Minnetonka students will have the opportunity to experience the most advanced scientific study in the history of Minnetonka High School.

Scientific Research Courses

Two Scientific Research courses are available to students who have successfully completed an IB or AP science course: Scientific Research is available to Minnetonka sophomores, juniors and seniors; Scientific Research II is available to juniors and seniors. Students, apply now for the 2017-18 school year.

Creating the Next Generation of Researchers

Research students hone their problem-solving skills, while expanding their content knowledge. With expert coaching, students work collaboratively to develop real-time and agile response skills applicable in the real world.

A leading-edge, negative-pressure, wet lab gives students the space and time to pursue authentic scientific research in their areas of interest. Students have access to the lab before, during, and after school and on weekends. Each student will have a lab bench to conduct long-term experiments. Specialized equipment has been generously donated by Cargill.

Our students propose research questions and develop their own experimental designs. They conduct feasibility studies and create budgets. They collect and analyze data, and then draw and defend their conclusions. All of this will takes place in our new, dedicated research facility which includes wet lab benches and flexible “hub” space for collaboration work and presentations.

Presentation to the School Board: Update on Minnetonka Research

At the December 1 Minnetonka School Board meeting, staff and students delivered a presentation on the new program and facility and gave a progress report on students' authentic research projects. Watch the presentation.

Students, apply now for the 2017-18 School Year


Kim Hoehne
Director of Minnetonka Research

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