All Kindergarten classrooms feature a literature-rich environment where students are immersed in songs, chants, big books, phonemic awareness, literacy centers and writing activities that build a strong foundation for early literacy. We focus on both oral and written language development.

The math curriculum teaches foundational math concepts on the concrete level first and then moves students toward the abstract level. Daily work with hands-on materials and math manipulatives provides children with opportunities for learning and applying concepts related to number sense, patterns and computation.

Because Kindergartners exhibit a broad range of abilities, reading, writing and math instruction is differentiated through small group, guided instruction. At the same time, classroom routines, such as the daily calendar, choice-time and morning meeting effectively build a classroom community that promotes social development.

We focus on 21st Century Fluencies through experiential learning beginning in Kindergarten, as students nurture their creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Additional lessons introduce media, information inquiry and global digital citizenry.

Our enhanced Kindergarten curriculum expands opportunities for hands-on science experiments, early engineering concepts, technology and the arts. Thematic social studies, science and health units provide opportunities that foster safety, decision-making and global citizenship.

As part of our K-5 computer coding curriculum, Kindergartners will use hands-on, graphic-based tools, like programmable robots and iPad apps, to begin to learn fundamental computer programming skills in a fun and engaging way.

Promoting physical and social development, children are regularly engaged in active, child-initiated, small-group play activities and independent choice activities within in a nurturing environment.